Frequently Asked Questions

Astm A 53 or A106 water and gas PIPE has a standard outside diameter and wall thickness. It is sold by nominal inside diameter. For example a 1" sch 40 PIPE has an inside diameter of about 1" but the outside diameter is ALWAYS 1.3125".

If you need a 1" schedule 80 PIPE the outside diameter will be the same 1.3125" but the inside diameter will be smaller because the wall thickness is heavier. The wall thickness is determined by using the term "schedule".

A round TUBE 1" is actually 1" outside diameter and you must specify the wall thickness you would like. TUBING is sold by using a gauge number, or by calling out the decimal thickness.

These guidelines are true for all pipes and tubes whether they are Seamless or Welded pipe, Seamless or Welded tubing.

All beams and channels are ordered by describing the type of beam first, then the vertical height, then the weight per foot and lastly the length you need.

You can take measurements of the existing piece you may be trying to match, or you can see our beam charts on this site to get the weight per foot.

Example: W4” x13# beam, C6” 8.2# channel.

If you need help planning the size of beam for your project you can use the steel beam calculator on

6063 aluminum angles have sharp corners, both on the outside and inside of the angles. They are often used as corner guards.

6063 aluminum is more of an architectural/ornamental grade. They are available most commonly in 20 ft. lengths.

6061 on the other hand is a structural grade aluminum and it has more rounded inside corners. It is most commonly sold in 25 ft. lengths.

Hot Rolled material comes with the “SCALE” still on the base metal. Scale is composed of oxides that form on the hot metal during rolling and cooling.

Pickled and Oiled material has the scale removed by an acid process and then oiled to protect from rust.

Cold rolled material has had the scale removed by a chemical process and further “ROLLED” to get a consistent finish.

The cold rolled material comes in a number of finishes from dull, or commercial grade to bright, or plating quality.

Type 304 and 304L is a stainless steel that is non-magnetic and is often used for restaurant equipment due to its rust resistant characteristics.

Type 316 and 316L is a stainless that is also non-magnetic and has the addition of molybdenum to further enhance it rust-resistant characteristics. Type 316 is more expensive than type 304 and is frequently specified for marine use.

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