Counter Salesperson Wanted

McKinsey Steel & Supply is seeking a full-time counter salesperson to be part of our team in Fort Lauderdale.

We are looking for a results-driven Counter Salesperson to be responsible for the sales process from inception to the execution of the order. Candidates who work well with people tend to thrive in this position.

Your responsibilities include taking orders, answering questions relating to the order, receiving payment, and executing the order. You should provide quick and efficient service, ensure maximum customer satisfaction, and resolve all queries professionally.

McKinsey Steel Fort Lauderdale Counter Sales Job Description

To be successful as a Counter Salesperson, you should provide excellent customer service, consistently maintain the image and vision of the organization, and achieve the sales goals of the Company. We offer on the job training to assist in maximizing your skills and opportunities.

An outstanding Counter Salesperson should display a positive attitude focusing on customer satisfaction, maintain an orderly appearance, and possess excellent sales skills.

There is competitive pay, paid holidays, paid vacation, retirement plan, as well as a package of health benefits.

Download Counter Sales Job Description and our Application Form.

Follow directions and email back to us your resume, signed job posting, and completed application form.